Maxine McCurdy



Professional info

I have been creating Art in different formats for as long as possible. As my life moves in different directions art will always be by my side. 

Art Experience

Card Making

​2017 - present


  • Started in 2017, received a Die cutting machine holiday 2018.

  • Started building a collection of tools from stamps to dies. Learning more as I created more.

  • Became the major art activity in 2020, starting to send out more cards to friends and family.

  • Started attending virtual classes end of 2020, doing more 2021 and even more of them this year.

  • Run a small Nerd Based paper crafting Facebook page, where I attempt to help people connect and do art together virtually.

Cake Decorating

​2012 - present


  • Started teaching myself cake decorating while young

  • In 2012 I got proper tools and started looking into more advanced methods.

  • Would make cakes to bring to Raven LARP events

  • In 2016 attended first proper class.

  • In 2018 I worked hard to learn how to make Macaroons

  • Currently working on mastering Cake Pop’s

2010 - present
2010 - present

Knitting and Crochet

​2005 - present


  • Learnt to knit in 2005 through a mixture of help from family and knitting books.

  • Learnt to Crochet in 2016, through You Tube and crochet books.

  • Became much more adapt by always giving myself harder projects, from learning double sided knitting too colour work.

  • Knit first sweater in 2019 have since knit 4 more.

  • Crochet mostly Amigurumi, from small hand sized Yoshi to a Very Large Octopus.


​2002 - present


  • Started scrapbook creation while in high school

  • Personal style focus on found items from activities and events


​2000 - present


  • Started sewing Halloween Costumes, then moved onto making myself clothing.

  • Made basic cosplay costumes

  • Made costumes and Props for the Non-Player department of a Live Action Roleplay company called Raven LARP

  • In 2015 applied for and received a grand to start Tastes Like Brains as a Custom clothing company.

  • Have entered 2 international cosplay contests.

  • Started making Plushies in 2018.

Cross Stitch    

​1998 - present

  • Been Cross Stitching longer than I remember.

  • Started this year with 12 active Cross Stich projects, have finished 4 of them. Two were new this year, one was very old another was a stich along (SAL) from 2021.

  • I am currently working on my first ever Full Coverage piece and a 2022 SAL that is larger than anything I have ever attempted (56 by 65 cm).

  • I have been charting my own designs since 2017, currently 2 of my WIPs are charted by me.