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These Boots will Walk again

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Assignment: Caption Contest

Provided By: David Rathman

Title: These Boots will Walk again

By: Maxine

1. Look at Rathman’s Painting.

2. Add Test, preferably handwritten, on top of the image. Use your own words, or pull from a book, movie, meme, song or saying.

3. If you’re so inclined take a photo or scan what you’ve added and share it. You can also cut out the previous page and present it in any way you like. 

 When I was doing these along with the assignments these write up’s I was making were helpful. It was good for me to think about why I did art. I have been doing assignments with friends the last few weeks but not doing this part. So here’s a first attempt at thinking about what I am making again. 

This assignment has stood out to me since I first flipped through the book. I have been thinking about words trending along these lines. But then I was feeling like the felt too natural of a fit. That's the thing with a Caption, what I think is the natural fit is not what the next person thinks is the natural fit. These are a few lines from “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" sung by Nancy Sinatra. Though to me it was more commonly sung by my Mom... 

This image makes me think about my running shoes that are locked up in the staff room of the retail store i worked at before Isolation, it makes me wonder if those shoes that are made for walking around that store will walk again. I don’t know if I will go back. 

Promt from You Are An Artist by Sarah Urist Green

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