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Starting somewhere

Projects always have a start, some are super fun like when you cast on a new scarf or start a new school. Those are big projects that are really exciting to start. Other projects are harder to start.

Tastes Like Brains was hard to start. I have always made stuff. Made things for myself because I wanted to. I made a dress to wear to a friends wedding because I couldn't find a dress I liked. I made costumes. I made necklaces. People often were complimentary of them. Some even did have interest in buying them. It had been suggested to me that I sell things.

The general idea of that seems interesting, but then the starting of that is complicated. When I truly went through the process of starting Tastes Like Brains it was big. I am very glade I found Summer Company to help me start it. I am also glade I have Head Pirate by my side who is excited by my desires to do this kind of thing. Summer Company gave me a lot of help starting, both in the form of a grant and just a to do list... do this, do this and do this. Yay Company! It also gave me time that was dedicated to Tastes Like Brains. Which honestly is so super valuable! It's really what I often have the least of.

Last year before Anime North I set up a website. Here I am again, hopping to go to Anime North again and preparing the website. I had a bunch of time to give to this the month preparing for the convention. I then spent a lot of time making the Dark Willow Cosplay, which was super fun. Currently I really want to make stuff but REALLY need to pass a class. So currently the time I have for making is limited.

There seems to be two kinds of projects, one's that are hard to start and ones that are easy. I find though that both of them are hard to finish. Your scarf gets boring, your classes get overwhelming. Your time gets thin. I think I just want to say that even if I looks like I have disappeared. That I haven't posted anything on Instagram, or that I haven't changed anything on this site... If you would like me to make something for you I very much would like to do that! It usually just means I have not had the time to make something for myself. So send me a message and I should reply to you quickly!

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