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I have been scrapbooking since Iwas in Highschool. I started before the internet, before I even really had any chance to overthink how it was done. To me scrapbooking was always collecting paper based things from things I did. Tickets and brochures a lot of the time. I would collect the free magazines at movie theaters, every scrap of paper from any event . I had a book to put it in, and stickers, sometimes photos but that has never been a big focus for me.

There is a gap in my scrapbooks between highschool (2002 ish) and when my Significant Other and I went on our first afventure. It felt so normal for me to grab brochures and paperwork to collect everything. At first Iwas doing it without even thinking about it. When we were on the boat when i found a scrapbook kit with paepr and stickers. That one kit brought me right back in.

On a different trip I found a perfect book that came with a pen/gluestick combined. It was the smashbook brand book and I loved it, it really was perfect for my style of scraping. I had a few of these while i could find them

I kind of love it, love that my take is so different, and love the amazing, creative care that is a single page layout. Love that the same goal, recording in a physical, visual manner what adventure happened can be done in different ways. I want to learn more about the different take on scrapbooking, and find ways to incorporate the ideas and trends into my method. Slowly we atr getting back to the greater world and there will be more books created.

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