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Assignment 9. Off - By Maxine

Assignment 9: Off Title: Procrastination Provided by: Lauren Zoll By: Maxine Episode 9 instructions: 1. Turn off a Screen 2. Take a photo of only the screen 3. Make sure to think about color, pattern and form. Do not include any humans in the frame.

So the instructions didn't make much sense until you see the way she sets up the area across from her piece. The way she sets up the reflections, the coloured cloths, and flowers. Even the idea in Sarah's explanation, people are looking at specific thing though the glass. So I feel that there should be a step 1.5: set up an area across from your screen that looks interesting.

That being said... this was both kind of set up and not... When I first went to do this a few days ago I got a bunch of coloured skirts I have, tried to put the about to get different patterns of colour on the screen, but then I started to realize that the two options for a screen I could use had two extremes... one wasn't really reflecting much at all... the other was working almost perfectly like a mirror, and you could see more definition than I expected in the reflection. So I put that idea away for the moment. Then I was studying in the same aria across from the computer when I realized that it can reflect the area where I study. Which seemed like a good image to reflect to me.

To me this speaks of the work that is incomplete, the work that is waiting to be done when one is not being productive and using the screen that is doing the reflecting. This is the empty desk that doesn't get used but is all set up... the coffee that was forgotten about...

I should probably go back to that open text book... oh and I made a coffee!

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