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Assignment 8: Walk on it, By Maxine

Assignment 8: Walk on it

Title: Sunrise at Sunset

Provided by: Kate Guilmore

By: Maxine Episode 8 instructions 1. Find a big piece of wood or board 2. Paint it heavy with a colour that you love 3. Put on a fabulous pair of shoes and walk on it. When it looks cool, you're done. 4: Share

I didn't get this assignment... I am still not sure if I do but I think putting together that little video helps a bit. I get the idea of Process Art that is talked about in the assignment video. I like watching myself trying to skate in a small little aria over the painted cardboard... I think that the fact that I was waiting for it to dry and all of a sudden it was almost too dark to film... the fact that Flow was holding a flash light on me in order to film... all these things could be thought of as a disastrous to what we were trying to do... but really it worked...

I feel that a lot of the way my assignments have been presented is using this Process Art idea... using this blog I am taking photos / videos of me and Flow while we are making our assignments. While I am working on the project I am continually thinking of what we are doing that will make interesting photos to document the process... like stopping for tea while we waited for the paint to dry...

I am continually working on two different art projects with every project I complete... and I really like this way of making things. I like that I am thinking about what I have done, that more is coming from each project than just me finishing it and continuing on. It means that you discover more than you thought you would about the art you just made

When it got late and we almost couldn't film I got worried... but now that I have looked back at it I really like that it was done in the dark... there are interesting actions and colours that I see as I edit that make the experience important.

I like these dark images of putting on my skates with there bright pink laces... it is such a contrast to the normal way they are worn... (by the way I do have a helmet on). Skates are my fancy shoes because they represent a different identity to me the way fancy shoes can. It is similar to the reason I poured yellow paint on the cardboard... When I took up roller skating (through Roller Derby), I gained a new identity. One who is less scared of things, who gets back up when she falls and keeps on trying. I like that person, and often look for her when I feel week... Art never makes me feel week... but its still fun to attempt to skate on paint...

Encase anyone was worried... they cleaned up easily :D I will try to get Flow to write about her peace... but until then here is both of our final's together.

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