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Assignment 7 - What, How, Where

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Assignment 7 - What, How, Where Provided By  Florian Rivière & Jim Walker By: Maxine and Flow (Summary written by Maxine) Episode 7 Instructions: 1. Visit www.whathowandwhere.com and click to receive an instruction. 2. Do the instruction and document it using any medium.      We started out deciding how many “What, How, Where ” suggestions we wanted to make. At first I thought about rolling a 20 sided dice because it felt that the game was very much about random suggestions and the random die roll felt similar… but in the end we decided to just do 10 each (after I rolled a 1 and Flow rolled a 19…). We then took obtained 20 suggestions before deciding how to approach them. 

  1. Make a phone call in front of a window a tea cup

  2. Read a book in an email upside down

  3. Stop, Drop, and Roll near your home with your heart

  4. Tie things together in your favorite room in your palm

  5. Observe a sign at the library with a stone

  6. Listen on a sidewalk singing

  7. Count to ten in the forest backwards

  8. Listen in somebody else’s shoes without looking

  9. Share a recipe on the sidewalk with mud

  10. Learn about the world in a laundry room with Gloves

  11. Eat popcorn someplace you’ve never been with wings

  12. Kiss on a swing with a book

  13. Tell a joke in a tree with shoes

  14. Stage and Opera in a Car for one minute

  15. Act like a child in front of a camera loudly and with reckless abandon

  16. Make music on a parking lot sitting

  17. Draw a thing on a lamp pole lovingly 

  18. leave and idea at a park with a ball

  19. Talk on the phone with a cat in the woods

  20. tell a story in a library sitting

     With the instructions set we broke them down in to where we needed to do them and what we needed props for. We started with the ones we could do in my house, which included the Laundry room ones, (the Laundry room counted as a Place you’ve never been  for Flow). Then went outside to the parking lot / sidewalk near my apartment. Before walking over to the Library and Park. 

     Some of the suggestions were not really proper sentences and so we just went with it… Also as we went along we lost count how many each of us had done… so it might be a little off…         By the way we did actually leave that Ball and the idea on the bench… it felt like assignment 2 in a way but we didn’t stay to watch if someone picked it up… we wanted to move onto our final, self made What How Where: Eat Frozen Yogurt, Rewardingly, in the Food Court

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