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Assignment 5 - Quietest Place: By Maxine

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Assignment 5 - Quietest Place: 

Provided By Jace Clayton

Quietest Place:

and the Sounds that Surround it 

By: Maxine

Episode 5 Instructions:

1. Go outside and talk a walk from where you live or are staying at the moment. 

2. Continue until you've found the quietest place possible.

3. Take a moment to absorb it. Then document the place through photography or video. Upload it to your social media platform of choice using #theartassignment.

     So I set off for my Quietest Place last week on a Wednesday at about 2:00pm. My house is in a very busy aria of Toronto between two of the main roads. Just down the street from me they have been building things for a long time, and the construction noise is very loud. So I set off towards a small kids park, and faster than I expected all the sound around me was gone. I had thought I had found my spot when I sported the edge of a church yard. 

     It was a very simple yard, not very big there was a lonely play aria for me which felt even more empty than the tiny little park with one small bench and for some reason there wasn't grass just hay everywhere...      I decided when I got there that my walk had been really short (about eight minuets away and I had never seen the place before). So I decided I wanted to look at the Sound waves that the quietest place made and compare them to the waves of the road around it and my home.

     This is what the wave for the quietest place looked like. Which confirms to me that it was what it sounded like to me... though it seems that later when I returned that there was sound from somewhere that had started up because the final waveform is no where near as nice...  A few other interesting ones I will make video's off to show the sounds and the waveform...       


     The first one is the Quietest Place itself

                                  The first busy road I hit when trying to walk around the aria.

                                 And the big main intersection... I kinda love that you can hear the beeping of the cross walk... I guess that's the point, that it can be heard above everything else that is happening.

     The interesting thought I had when I was walking around the aria was that even though when I first got to the road everything was loud but as I keep walking I found it neat that I was able to hear softer things underneath the general noise that is everywhere in a city. You can hear your footsteps, you can hear the spinning wheels of a skateboard. I can even see it again when I go to edit what I filmed, for some reason the street my apartment is on was REALLY windy, but it was noise I didn't even hear at the time...

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