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Assignment 4: Never Seen, Never Will by Maxine

Updated: Sep 24

Assignment 4: Never Seen, Never Will

Title: A Day like no Other

Provided by: David Brooks

By: Maxine (With help from Flow to take the photos)

Episode 4 instructions

1. Think of something that exists that you've never seen, and probably never will

2. Articulate it (any medium will do)

3. Upload it using #theartassignment

I am presenting this a little different than normal because this project has become a little more than any of the others so far to me. When I started thinking about how I wanted to present this project it became clear to me fairly early that I wanted to present whatever I had never seen through fabric and sewing. Different ideas came to me but fairly early I had a solid idea.

I liked the idea... but I also didn't like the idea. It felt sad. It felt like I was being very pessimistic about the direction our world will take, that the statement I am making, by saying I have Never Seen, and Never Will See this was less hopeful than I normally am and out of character for myself.

Then I thought about it a bit more and talked to some people about the idea and I feel that even if its sad, and pessimistic doesn't mean it's not worth saying. Maybe saying this will help us as a society work towards a world where its not true. Where I do see that what I think I won't see.

I so with that said I will just present to you the finished work today. No thoughts or reflections about the making of this project yet. For now I just want you too see what I present to you here. As well add one small note.

The dress is the one I made for my wedding last year on august 15, the jewelry and shall are also apart of what I wore that day. The pants are made from the same cloth as the dress. The lining of the vest has the lining from the dress.

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