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Assignment 38: Fake Flyer

Assignment 38: Fake Flyer

Provided By: Nathaniel Russell

Title: The Old Ones are Coming

By: Maxine

1. Make a flyer that gives advice, shares something about your life, or promotes an imagined event 2. Put it out in to the world 3. Upload a printable copy using #theartassignment. Bonus points for uploading a photo of the flyer posted in the real world.

Life is very much like a game of Arkham Horror, except without a lot of the reading ancient texts that you shouldn’t and getting stabbed with needles full of blue fluid by orderlies at the hospital.

It’s like a game of Arkham Horror because you go through life heading in the best direction you can think of at the time but often not doing all the things you intend to do because of events out of your control send you in a direction you didn’t intend.

Also sometimes the weather is all Sickly out.

I used to be so good at doing these art assignments... They used to be a very simple but amassing part of my life. But My Boy got sick, we moved... I got Devoured... the events in my life became overwhelming.

The weather was very Sickly in my neighborhood, with a probability of Sadness at 35%

But sometimes you get things you want to do done. This is a thing. I did it. At some point in time I will do another and it will be fun. The fact that the Art Assignment is there for me, not intending itself to make me feel sad at all I HAVEN’T done yet, but all the ideas it has for me waiting is important.

Thank You

I know that doing Art makes me better when I am in surrounded by sadness. Lost in the embrace of an Old One. The Art Assignment is a perfect place for me to start because I can just follow the suggestions, and I will have DONE something.

There is a constant war between this knowledge of how to help myself get better and my lack of energy to DO anything. Add in a feeling of “its been too long to do them again” and you are down right lost.

But that’s not right. Here today, with a mind that is mine not one lost to the madness that the Old Ones create I know this to be true.

I love the world of Arkham Horror. I love the idea of Monsters, I just don’t like being scared. The world of Arkham is so ridiculous that watching it from the outside is not scary. It’s just a series of pour decisions followed by the world being Devoured.

Which I feel like can also describe depression. I bet someone looking at me last semester would be like “Of course you are going to do poorly at school... You went to class, barley payed attention, then went home to stare at Netflix.” This being a series of pour decisions followed by me being Devoured.... Where as I feel like posting “I went to class today!!” proudly on Facebook as a big accomplishment of the week.

Today I am good. Friday when I did this Assignment I was good. Tomorrow is tomorrow and we will see how I am at that moment.

But Today I am good.

You will probably still be able to find me at The Silver Twilight Lodge. Where we do rituals to the Old Ones, so that when they Awake from the depths of Rylath they will look kindly on those who know and respect there power. And every moment you are there you are trying your best to not look like the best choice for the daily Sacrifice.

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