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Assignment 30: Boundaries

Assignment 30: Boundaries

Provided By: Zarouhie Abdalian

Title: I got lost somewhere between there and here...

By: Maxine

1. Find two spaces that share a boundary

2. Do something to highlight or alter the relationship between those two spaces

3. Document it in some way and upload using #theartassignment

I moved.

It’s been a busy summer in all ways other than The Art Assignment. I started a company where I am attempting to turn my passion for making my own clothing into an opportunity to make clothing for others (Tastes Like Brains). This has meant I have been doing a lot of art that is not Art Assignment Art this summer.

There has been a lot of changes in my boundaries lately. This has been my idea from the moment when this assignment was first posted in July. At that point I knew I was moving (I had been looking at apartments for 2 months, and given notice on the first) just not where too.

A home is an important boundary between us and the world. Its the point that separates everything. It separates private from public. The Work from the leisure. The Pants time from the No Pants time... Once you get into a home there are even more boundaries... places where guests go, places where they don’t.

When you are moving those boundaries all get broken apart and put into a box. Some of the things at one end don’t make it to the other. Some new stuff appears at the other end. In the process you get all sorts of lost because you don’t really feel at home anywhere... In the end you have moved. You have most of your stuff, likely some new stuff and for once your cupboards are sorted.

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