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Assignment 21: Movement Telephone

Assignment 21: Movement Telephone

Provided By: Ryan McNamara

Title: And so the message Continues and Changes... Continues and Changes... Changes

By: Maxine

Inspiration video by Meg Gilbert

(Her inspiration can be found Here, which can then be traced back to Here... but don't peek if your going to continue this chain!!)

Movement Telephone Instructions:

1. Find a clip of movement on the internet. Watch it once.

2. Film yourself replicating that movement.

3. Watch your video and then film yourself replicating your movement in that video.

4. Repeat step

3. 5. Upload your 3 clips and a link to your inspiration video.

This was strange... it felt strange after doing it. But it felt much more interesting editing it (there was about two weeks of mid terms between the two events). I am not too good at the Vlog thing yet, I am much better putting thoughts down here than in the video... also I edit at school so I can't really add more video now that I am editing things... :S

I like how when you go through the series from the original cartoon, to the one by +1Book1Review, through to the one by Meg Gilbert then to mine the movements start to wash out, and become a lot more like a dance than they were originally. +1Book1Review talks about how she felt her movements town down, I felt that a lot when I first looked at mine... in my first video and in Meg's there is a fall bit at the start that completely disappeared from my second two trials... also meg ends her third video in a very stationary, dance like way that wasn't apart of her original but I recreated making things continue and change...

I like this Telephone chain, I like how its developing defined cartoon movements into something more fluid. If anyone wants to continue it feel free (also let me know!!). Telephone is much more fun when you have lots of people to play with!!

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