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Assignment 2: Stakeout! By Maxine and Flow

Assignment 2: Stakeout! Title: The Lollipop Tree Provided by: Deb Sokolow By: Flow and Maxine

This turned into the most fun Assignment we have done yet. Originally we had waited on this episode because when it came out it was winter, both of us didn't feel like leaving something out side and watching it during the winter, we also felt that there wouldn't be many people to interact with it. After watching the Highlights episode there was a lot of great new ideas that we had been given. We decided that it seemed like it would be more fun if whatever we placed outside had multiple things, giving more people the chance to see it and interact. After some thought we came up with the idea of a Lollipop tree.

We broke out the cardboard, markers, and scissors for this one. The trunk is a paper towel roll, the bottom part of a box. Cuts were made in both so that it can slit together. Leaves were also made from cardboard, stuck on dowels and silted to fit more leaves. Holes were made for the lollipops to fit into.

We also decided we wanted little papers on them. One side had a quote, or a thought, the other said #theartassignment. We also made a poster.

Which also had the hashtag on it. (I have now realized that spelling got the better of me for that sine... oh well...) Putting this together ended up taking longer than we thought it would. Which meant that we put taking it out for another day... because we wanted to go to my house and make this:

Nothing is greater than Desert Pizza... even art!

(some things are just so amazing you need to share them... instructions found here)

A few days later we took the tree down town. We set it up in down town Toronto. On the Ryerson University campus there is a road that has been turned into a Pedestrian aria. There are chairs set-up and lots of people walking thought it all the time. So it seemed like it would be busy but a calm busy (not like Dundas square busy...). First we put it on a table, but that table had chairs the people sat in as soon as we walked away, this stopped anyone else from touching it. So we moved it to a big rock.

The tree had to be taped in place... and blew over a few times...

I wanted to try with no sign at first, I wanted to see what people did with no instructions. To my sadness they didn't really do anything...

So many people walked right past...

There were a couple exciting moments. The first being after about 5 min these two people..

Followed by this man who was very interested but in both cases they didn't axially take a lollipop in the end. I like to think that this is a point about the Canadian tendency for kindness... that when people didn't know why it was there they assumed that there was a reason and didn't want to disturb it. (This happened after about 10 min's of watching)

I love the way he walks past,

Notices it as he was passing

and then approaches it

and so after 17 minuets I let flow add the sign.

Take a Fruit from the Lollipop Tree. #theartassignment

Three minuets later we had the first person to approach it and take one! Success!!


From here on we had many more people approach it. It was fun to watch there heads turn as they walked passed, or to see them reading the note we put on it. Lots of people took photos of our little tree, every time they touched there phone flow was hopping that they were looking for the hashtag. Every head that turned towards it was exciting, but some just looked and kept walking.

Something going to happen... Something going to happen... /sigh nothing happened

The most exciting moment happened a little bit off to the side of the viewpoint of my tablet. There was two mothers talking, on had two children with her. They talked a bit then walked off, the one with the children off to the right, you could see her head notice the tree like many others, but she approached it along with her kids.

But this Mom continued to on to do something a little different than everyone else, she dug through her bags, eventually asking someone else for a pen, and she got her girls to write thank you to us on the poster.

Your Welcome!!

This little act was so exciting to watch!! We continued to watch people notice, photograph, and enjoy our little Lollipop Tree for another half hour before we packed it up. The experience was really fun, it was neat to watch people. The people sitting at tables nearer us could tell we were the ones that had put it there because we had to refill the tree a few times (and fix the tape...) one man was really interested in watching people along with us. This was extremely fun, the best assignment yet. It had ups and downs, and moments where we didn't think it was going to work but over all it was great. I hope that anyone who found it liked it as well and you are all welcome, from Flow and myself, we hope it made you day a little better. Lollipops should always grow on trees.

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