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Assignment #18 - Expanded Moment

Assignment 18: Expanded Moment

Provided By: Jan Tichy

Title: Every Spin's a Winner

By: The Head Pirate and Maxine


1) Find a place with the potential for visual movement

2) Place your video camera on or attach it to a stable object

3) Record at least 2 minutes without moving the camera (and no sound!)

Here is two Expanded Moment assignments. The First above was done by me and My Husband, The second below was mine, though he did name it.

I wanted to do my expanded moment assignment when we were on vacation on a Curse ship. The first attempt above was the first one Head Pirate has been apart of, I filmed it but he told me what I was to go film. It's short because I got yelled at by an employee about filing in the Casino... Head Pirate loves the Casino. He loves the lights and the sounds. If you don't have your slot machine turned up to the MAXIMUM volume you are doing it wrong (apparently). He thought the idea of a casino without sound is just wrong... which makes his Image interesting.

The idea here is about the movement of the slot machine almost more than the people... the people in the Casino don't move a lot. The casino on the ship isn't open the three days that the ship is in port... but I am sure that there was one lady who was sitting at the same machine every time I pass that it was open!

Title: Big Dreams; Small Success

By: Maxine

It's hard to "make it" as a performer. I am no one to judge someone who has found a way to monetize their form of art. But the thing is, I don't really think this was what she dreamt of when she was learning music.

A Cruse ship is full of extremely talented performers. Sadly as often as not they are ignored by those they are preforming for...

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