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Assignment # 15 - Photo a Friend

Assignment 15: Photo a Friend

Provided By Tanja Hollander

Title: Old Friends... and there girlfriends Dogs

By: Maxine

Photo a Friend Instructions: 1. Find a friend (define friend however you want) 2. Take a formal photographic portrait of them 3. Upload 4. Extra credit: Also upload a pic of a post-it saying what a real friend is and then send it to Tanja.

Here we have two photo's taken of my two oldest friends, the only people I have contact with from high school. Both were friends I had who went to a different school than me. They were from an important part of my life when I realised you don't have to pick from the limited supply of people who just happen to live near you to be your friends. Its ok if your friends live 30 min (or more) away... also its ok if they are Guys. (Which was a good thing to learn because now they are both 2.5 hours from me...)

Friends have always been hard for me. I don't make them easily. I am this strange mixture of introvert / extrovert. I don't think I really fit well in iver category... around extroverts I seem introverted around introverts I am extroverted... I do feel much more comfortable in small groups though. I also have found that I am a lot less intimidated by guys than girls... it has often felt to me that girls expect me to be different than I am. As often as not they are ok with me once they start to see me, but I feel that it can take some girls longer to see me as apposed to what they expect to see.

Andrew and Bella the dog are in the first photo. I stayed at Andrews house for the weekend which was fun. Got to get to know his girlfriend a lot better and discovered that I really wish I had know her in high school, would have made things a lot more fun (as much fun as I had with "the guys"... it would have been nice). The two puppies Bella and Charlie are hers and very cute. (Side note: The photos of pocket watches above Andrews head were taken by him... In my head Photography represents Andrew... he dose lots of other stuff... but he seemed so happy to me when he was able to do that at collage).

Ryan and Miley are the second photo. Miley is also Ryan's girlfriends dog, who was at work when we came over to play car games and take a photo so I didn't get the chance to hang out with her any more than the limited time we had at a con last year.

I intended to bring post it notes but forgot them... so me and Andrew wrote on que-cards...

Also here's a video from the creation... because I have a video camera now and like the idea of Creation videos (even if am not sure anymore that I like editing)!

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