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Assignment 15: Photo a Friend

Assignment 15: Photo a Friend

Provided By: Tanja Hollander

By: Flow

1. Find a friend (define friend however you want)

2. Take a formal photographic portrait of them

3. Upload

5. Extra credit: Also upload a pic of a post-it saying what a real friend

Why take this photo?

Well because they are my friends. But not only that. It’s because they are what I think is the true embodiment of friends to me. I am not saying that I don’t have many amazing friends, or that they are better friends than any of my wonderful and amazing friends I have. But that they are what I see as the perfect definition of a friend.

Let me explain, this two, who are known affectionately as Emprise (Nee) and Windrunner. They live in Ottawa, Ontario. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I traveled all that way by train just to see them for the weekend. We hung out played games, and took this photos. So even thought they live so far away, we have been able to retain are friendship at an almost constant level. It has never wavered. Not once.

Now this is not to say everything is perfect. We all have are time of not being the best friend to one another or forgetting something that was really important to the other. Or just needing space from a person once in a while. But it does not matter what all three of us have gone through we have always remained friends.

A friend to me is someone who I can see a few times and then not see for a year. And then see them again and we click back together like no time has even past. This is what Windrunner and Emprise mean to me.

Now by now you must be wondering why is the photo of a cat and a wolf? Well because that is who they are. And who I see them as. Of course there are human, but everyone has a bit of animal in them. And my friends just like to show it off in a more creative way. Another great reason they are my friends. They are not afraid to show off their wild side!

Post it note:

“What a real friend is to me. A friend is someone who stays with you and is always there for you even if you have not seen or talk to then in a long time.”

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