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Assignment 12: Imprint, By Maxine

Assignment 12: Imprint

Title: Ready For School

Provided by: Sopheap Pich

By: Maxine

Episode 12 instructions

1. Choose and object you find interesting

2. Cut it, making a flat surface

3. Dip the cut surface in paint

4. Press it on to a piece of paper repeatedly to make an imprint

5. Upload to you social media platform of choice using #theartassignment

There are 5 days left to this summer... now that doesn't mean that I am going to suddenly stop doing the Art Assignments, but it does mean that the summer is almost done... and that school is on my mind a lot right now.

So I wanted to do one last assignment before class starts next week... and I thought about imprint, and using school supplies to make prints... and well... now those prints look (kind of) like my schedule... :D

I started off a lot like the walk on it assignment, fining a peace of card from my recycling... and then painting it a solid light colour.

From there is was time to gather a bunch of stuff that could be cut apart... In the end I found more stuff than I used... its hard to see but my favorite was the little peace's of glue stick...

Also the pencil crayon split really neat...

The top half was sawed apart... then it split...
I am happy to say no fingers were harmed in the halving process!

The painting was messy but fun. I used the paint bottle to make time slots....

Since all the paint I am using is OLD, like really old it gets a little gloppy at times...

There was no way that the pad of post-it-notes was going to get cut in half... instead I cut it into a fan like brush... that worked pretty well to be honest... and it felt like what Sopheap Pich was going for when he used the materials at hand to make whatever he could with them.

The little blue lines were used to highlight the start of class, since I have classes back to back... That shape was from a bunch of staples stuck together... The pencil crayon made a border...

I was a little sad to cut the eraser in half... and it got a little dangerous because its so small... but it made a nice little stamp. The Yellow is supposed to be tea time... because 3:00 pm is Tea time...

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