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Assignment 11: Under The Influence

Updated: Sep 24

Title: The Frog's Curse: A retelling of the Frog Price

Provided by: Peggy and Garry Noland

Assignment 11: Under The Influence

By: Maxine

Episode 11 instructions

1. Choose an artist or a maker.

2. Get to know their work and practice.

3. Make something in that style.

So to be honest I think this is an imitation of more than one type of art... it started out as an imitation of the STORY stile of Jon Scieszka. He is the Author of "The Stinky Cheese Man, and Other Fairly Stupid Tales" and "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs". I am mostly imitating the three little pigs story here, by using the Frog Prince story as my base. and then showing the story from the frog's perspective (also I decided that it wasn't a prince cursed into a frog but a frog cursed into a prince...) The reason I say this is more than one imitation is because REALLY Jon Scieszka is imitating the Brothers Grimm, or at least borrowing from them.

I also decided to present it in a comic book style instead of a children's story book style... I thought about using that for a long while but felt that I wanted to show things in a different way than he was. I wanted to try to show movement, and the frogs frustration... I hope it worked... And so that means that I am intimidating all the different people who have developed the comic book style of composition.

The art itself is 100% pure me. That is my style... it took me a long time to realize it (I don't mean with this peace... just in general) but it's the way art I really put time and care into look. Its a mixture of hand drawing the work on paper, then scanning it, re drawing all the lines on the computer and then continuing to colour it. That stile has been an process over the years, starting with an imitation of Looney Tunes when I was ten.

And so here's the PDF... because it looks better like that and its 14 pages so that's a lot of photos...

The Frog's Curse

P.S Just want to note that I was SOOOOOO close to finishing this in November but then as I was coloring the cover page my Desktop (with Photoshop) died on me... so Hooray for fully finishing and posting this!!

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