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A Summer of Art, By Flow and Maxine

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This is a blog meant to share, enjoy and explore the different assignments that are being provided by the YouTube channel The Art Assignment. It is a joint blog between Flow and Maxine, because it is fun to be able to share Art with a friend. Both the Art you are creating and the art that others are creating. 

     We are using this as a place to put the different creations we come up with as we attempt to find our ways answers to the different kinds of challenges that are set by the artists visited by the program. We are also using it as a place to write about our thoughts about our answer to the assignment, what we thought about when doing the project or after. 

     If we can convince anyone else we know do participate we will probably post their projects here too. 

     Maxine is a Chemical Engineering Student, and Flow is an Interior Design Student. They met through an English liberal and realised they had many things in common, one being that they both enjoyed sewing strange, elaborate costuming and pretending to be people other than themselves (Maxine LARP's and Flow is a Cute Orange Cat). They also learnt that they both love to be silly, play video games, and do art. When Maxine found The Art Assignment YouTube she shared it with Flow because sharing things that look fun makes them more fun! 

*This is a reposting of the Original Blog entries that were created on Blogger before Taste Like Brains was even an idea. I am reposting it because I really like the work that was done through this project and want to display it connected to me. *

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