Forever Making

Maxine is a 5th year Chemical Engineering student. Who has been making her own clothing since High School. She has made herself Cosplay and Halloween Costumes, as well as provided costumes for use in Live Action Roll Playing. 

Tastes Like Brains Started with help from the Summer Company program in 2015, but it was a project she had been thinking of for years before that. She doesn't feel that she connects with the look that the world presents for her and knows that others feel this way. She wants to help people create their own personal stile.

As much as Tastes Like Brains started because of her desires to make clothing and the comments of other on the things she has made, she is always making. The problem with making clothing is that its hard to do alongside school, so often the things she can make need to be smaller. 

As such, she has created fore herself and others interesting things that range from stuffed Seal's to interesting birthday cards. 

A Maker is always making.