The Zombies are Coming... 

...and looking great as they attack. 

It may be the darkest days for those out there who are looking for brains, but you got to look your best. Tastes Like Brains can provide clothing for any type of living or non-living who is ready for a nigh on the town. 

I make custom clothing, and accessories for the nerdier side of all of us. See a stile of clothing you like but want something just for you, we can make it all.

Tastes Like Brains was started as apart of the Summer Company program where I was granted the chance to spend a summer starting a company and running it. That was in 2015. It was one great summer. Since that time the Brand I created has changed into my personal art brand. I still love making clothing, and if you are interested in working with me to design something for you that is something I am interested in doing. The overall direction on Tastes Like Brains has diverted and usually follows whatever I am currently working on. 

© 2019 by Maxine McCurdy

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